Week 3 SAC Blog Challenge- Better time management

For this weeks SAC challenge we had to write a song to be pitched for a commercial. The requirement was to come up with something that captured child-like qualities and had the potential to be sliced down into 15 sec bits.


Before I get into the song-writing details, let’s start with something significant that happened this week. On Saturday, I followed one of my co-writers/rapper named SJ Stacks to lay down some vocals for a hip-hop track that I produced. That was actually the first time I’ve been to a studio where I accompanied the artist to get stuff recorded and mixed.  Something about the air in the studio was inspiring. To know that something I made on my laptop will be packaged and put out into the world is simply…..orgasmic….

I only had that feeling one time before, and that was the first time an artist performed my song in front of a live audience.

I guess what i’m trying to say is..I want to produce and write more songs so I can orgasm more…..(haha)

So for week 3, I did two co-writes. One with Judy Marshak and the other with Katheryn Berry.

Maybe it was the stress from the first two weeks, but this week seemed way more relaxed. I wonder if it was the last two weeks that pushed me to get my shit together. I found it was a lot easier to get my work-flow going. It also helps that my co-writers were kick ass!

My co-writers already had ideas ready and all I had to do was choose. For Katheryn, I immediately fell in love with her concept. One of her lines was, “I was thinking of how we use to play/ we used beach towels as our superman capes”. Bravo! What a clever and fun line. Gotta keep an eye out on her, I know she’s got some really good ideas hiding in her idea basket…

For the collab with Judy, I felt she had a lot of ideas on her mind. I was there to help her filter those ideas and weed out the best ones. I think Judy really wanted to do well in this challenge and she definitely did! I bet Judy probably has a 1000 songs recorded on her iPhone with her singing and playing the uke.

That pretty much sums up my week. Looking forward to next weeks challenge. I have to write a country song..FML

Here are my Submissions for this weeks challenges

1,2,3,4-Judy Marshak/Gordon Wong

Oh I love you-Katheryn Berry/Gordon Wong

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