S.A.C challenge day 5: Writing for Dusk till Dawn

Day 5 of the challenge:

I’m absolutely loving every minute of it. To feel how the pros do it. Writing songs all day and really letting the music take over.

At first I thought I bit off more than I can chew by initiating a bunch of collabos as well as accepting them. One collab turned into two which led to three, so on and so forth. It was overwhelming at first but then I went over to my keyboard and just started banging out some melodies.

I actually think there is a good way of handling collabos… just trust that it will work..and it will. I believe a good song will write itself. It’s kind of like watching a movie and being able to predict the ending, or envisioning how the movie should have ended.

Last night i stayed up until 5 am working on a track but then i spoke to one of my writing partners about it and we decided to go a total different direction. We scrapped the song and started a whole new one. Geeze… all that time wasted on a track we won’t even use? NO…. .I feel way more happy that we were able to attempt the idea and discover it wasn’t working. We are one step closer to knowing what we want. It’s part of the learning process and I’m learning a lot. Right now the new song we are working on is giving me chills. Goosebumps thinking about it….it’s that good.

I’m excited for my other collabos too. The ones that are in progress and the ones that have yet to come. I threw my ego out the window long time ago and I’m just going with the flow. Not trying to over analyze things and focus on writing good songs.

Check in next week to find out if Gordon can handle the dangers that lurk ahead…

Also..Check out this sweet drawing my sister made of me writing songs.

I am hookmachine!!
I am hookmachine!!

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